With sincere thanks and gratitude to CosyWrap SA: Peter, Mick, Andy and Ken.

Brilliant work and product. Sound windows are great!!

Best regards Andy

Blow-in Insulation

Brett of Blackwood


I’ve been up in the roof today to have a look, and it definitely looks a lot better than it did, and we can already feel the difference. So thanks.

-- Brett (Dec 2016)

Insulating Existing walls

Hallet Cove

Hi Peter,

Many thanks Ken was great, have noticed straight away the house isn't as hot/stuffy which is great.

I just sent through the remaining owed.

-- Nathan (Nov 2016)

West Lakes

Thanks, we have noticed that the temperature in the hosue stays much more constant around 21-23 degrees since you insulated the double brick walls and ceilings. Made a big diffference and now we should start getting reduced power bills!!

-- Derek & Tina (Oct 2016)

Hi Mick,

Please accept our greatest apologies for the late payment. We were awaiting your invoice and I only just discovered it in the JUNK folder of my email.The house is noticeably warmer and more comfortable. Thank you for doing a great job! 

Kind Regards, Jessica and Alex 

-- Jessica (Aug 2016)

Karen from Windsor Gardens

Just rang to say thanks for insulating our walls and ceilings in January at Windsor Gardens. Ken was fantastic on the job, and our home is much cooler now

-- Karen (Mar 2015)

Ian & Brenda from Hope Valley

Sorry for calling Graham out for nothing, but when the pest controller's infra-red camera showed a variation at the top of our insulated walls (which you did in 2002!!), we assumed it was missing insulation. Turned out to be the timber lintel that was the variation, and the insulation was still right up to the top, exactly as your man, Simon, had pumped in the wall insulation in September, 2002!! Please thank Graham for his excellent service and calling to let us know he was held up for 10 minutes in the traffic. We will contiune to tell everyone how well your insulation and company has perfomed over the years!!

-- Ian & Brenda (Jun 2012)

Steve from Tea Tree Gully

Thank you for the wall insulation job carried out at our property on the 17th May, we are already noticing the difference as the temperature is holding for a lot longer now reducing use of the heater so very happy.  I have transferred remaining amount today please see copy of recepit below.

Again thank you very much its been great service from all of your staff involved.

-- Steve (May 2012)

Chris from Crafers

Hi Peter,  Just a note to say thanks and how impressed I was with your guys installing insulation in my internal walls today.

We have really noticed a difference in the sound levels to the point that the house has a really different feeling to it. I would definitely recommend your services to other people.

-- Chris (Dec 2011)

Andrew from Warradale

A quick email to say that we're really happy with the Cavity Wall Rockwool insulation you installed in our place at Warradale. It makes a particularly noticeable difference in cold winter weather.

-- Andrew (May 2009)

Andrew from Prospect

Hi Peter, "I just wanted to give you some glowing feedback for the job done on my double brick house in August last year. Although i already had ceiling insulation, the topu to that plus particularly i think the cavity wall insulation has made a a very significant difference to the household temperature.Even during the heat wave, the house was still noticeably cooler inside than out.  Similarly now that’s its cooler, the house in consistently warmer inside.  The job has been one of the best investments we have made to the house, and I have been telling all my friends that it’s the thing to do.

-- Andrew (Jun 2008)

Natalie from Ridgehave

I would like to thank you and your team for getting the job done so quickly. We have noticed a huge difference in the temperature - it is no longer freezing inside and we don't have to have the heating on for long periods of time. The reduction in sound from our neighbours is also noticeable. I will happily recommend cosywrap to anyone. 

-- Natalie

Rod from Modbury

The external wall insulation has changed the sound of the whole home, and reduced the echo throughout. I purchased it for the thermal benefits, which are huge, and the sound proofing is a great bonus

-- Rod

Steve from O'Halloren Hill

I didn't really believe that the wall insulation would be so noticeable as I had thick insulation in the roof. However, we are now comfortable all the time and our A/C turns off, saving me money!! . Ken was really good at explaining the benefits, and even rang me back on Sunday afternoon after he installed the insulation to check I was happy with the results. He is a real asset to Cosywrap.

-- Steve

Jim from Crafers

We just insulated our double brick walls with cavity wall rockwool, and it increased our room temperatures by 4-5 degrees!! We were using 12-15 logs/day, now it is only 4-6 logs, and we are actually warm!! Ken did a great job too. Thanks

-- Jim

Sue from Rosewater

The cavity wall insulation has made a huge difference to my walls. I didn't realize you could insulate the existing walls so easily, and it changed the temperature inside significantly. Your double glazing for my existing windows has also made a huge difference to stopping the noise

-- Sue

Vacuum removal of old insulation and replacement

Hello Peter, thank you for your invoice, I will pay that manually today at my local National bank at the Marion shopping centre. Can I also thank you for the courtesy, punctuality, thoroughness, and attention to detail your fellows demonstrated in all aspects of the work on site. I am astonished at the cleanliness of the roof and ceiling interior after the process, and totally satisfied with the calibre of insulation you recommended. I am sure that this will make a large difference to the thermal stability and economy of this house and Studio. Regards, Karl.

-- Karl (Apr 2017)

Colonel Light Gardens

Thanks for the big difference with the insulation in our home this week. It has made a big difference under the flat roof now that the walls and ceiling are properly insulated. Removing and replacing the old insulation at the front of the house has also made the home more comfortable

-- Stuart (Nov 2016)

Alan from Colonel Light Gardens

Your installers were so efficient and quick when they removed and replaced our old insulation today. They didn't stop all morning, and even missed the hot scones we made, as they wanted to keep working!! Thanks again to your team for making our home much better.

-- Alan (Aug 2012)

Alan from Waterloo Corner

I didnt realize how poor our insulation was until you removed the old rubbish and laid the new Bradford Gold Batts!! Even though it hasnt been hot yet, we have notaiced a real difference in our home. Getting rid of 50 years of dirt and dust was also great (I didnt realize how bad it was!!)

-- Alan (Dec 2011)

Ian from St. Peters

I didn't realise how much warmer my home would be when the old rubbish insulation was vacuumed out, and new Bradford Gold Batts installed.  I know it took longer than you expected and was difficult, but it is fantastic now.  I should have got it done years ago!

-- Ian (Jul 2010)

Anne and Graham from Redwood Park

Dear Cosywrap, I have to tell you about the huge difference we have felt since you removed our old insulation and fitted new Rockwall Insulation to our roof space. On the hottest day we can now achieve 10 to 12 degrees cooler indoors than out when using our air conditioner, before this was only 8 degrees. So we were so much more comfortable during the recent long heat wave. We are now looking forward to a warmer house in winter.

-- Anne (Mar 2008)

Mary from Marden

I have been really pleased with the improvement in my home since removing the old insulation, vacuuming the ceiling and replacing with new batts. It has made up to 10 Degrees cooler inside, and has meant I can sleep comfortably without an air conditioner now!! I look forward to seeing the benefits in winter as well

-- Mary (Jan 0011)

Kathy from Marion

This is Kathy writing.  I am very pleased to have the insulation in the house it this weather and it is working very well for me.  I thankyou for this service.  I am very happy to have it fixed and happy that I choose this company.

-- Kathy

Jude from Stirling

Thanks for great insulation job . Paid rest of bill today. Cash into account so should register immediately

-- Jude

David from Marino

Thanks to you and your staff for a fast, trouble free, professional job. I would not hesitate to recommend you in the future. Regards David.

-- David

Ivan from Prospect

I saw the truck in the next street and approached the men to get some details. Daniel was really helpful, and arranged for Peter to come out the next day to inspect my home, and arrange for new insulation. Everyone was so friendly and polite, it made us really comfortable to have the Cosywrap people work on my house. Much warmer too!!

-- Ivan

Barry from Blair Athol

Thanks for the great job vacuuming and removing the old insulation. It is much warmer now, and I am really glad I used the R5.0 batts. The boys did a great job.

-- Barry

Stopping noise between rooms and adjoining homes with Barrier Board


Hello Peter, the addition of the Barrier Board sound proofing on our party wall has meant we can stay in our home instead of selling and moving. Tell the boys it was great work by them, very neat and tidy

-- Anthony (Sep 2016)

Caty from Pennington

G’day Peter, I’m very happy with my new wall! I now look forward to going home as opposed to looking for excuses not to. I even had to double check that my neighbour was home.  He was and yes, his stereo was turned up but I couldn’t hear a sound from inside my house!  I can now look forward to peace and quiet and I finally have my home back! Thanks again.

-- Caty (Mar 2012)

Vera from Malvern

Putting the Barrier Board on my common wall has made a huge difference to stopping noise coming through from next door. I even had to email them 3 days after installation to see if they were still there!! I was worried that it wouldn't stop sound transferring through the wall before it was installed, but I am so glad I did it. Barrier Board is not cheap, but it does stop noise transfer through walls!!. It has made a huge difference to my stress levels and quality of life. I feel I am actually not sharing a house with someone next door.

-- Vera (Aug 2011)

Secondary Double glazing (Magnetic and/or laminated acoustic glass) for existing windows to stop noise and improve energy efficiency

Anna from Brooklyn Park

Your secondary double glazed Aluminium sliding window has really made a big difference from the traffic noise on Henley Beach Rd. The thick glass stops most traffic noise, allowing me much better sleeping. It is great that I can still open my window easily!!

-- Anna (May 2012)

Craig from Hindley St

Your double glazing of our motel windows in Hindley St was included in our guest surveys, comparing rooms with your products and other rooms without double glazing. The client comments were overwhelming in how quiet it was in the rooms where you added your magnetic double glazing. We are now proceeding with all 5 levels, as it makes it much easier to keep repeat customers in a noisy night-time area.

-- Craig (Aug 2011)

New home advice for sound and thermal insulation

Hello Mick,

I transferred the final payment late yesterday. Many thanks to you all, particularly Ken who finished everything off really well. We are delighted to have done business with you. The underfloor insulation really works well!

Kind regards,Terri

-- Terri (Sep 2016)

Bill & Sally from Tea Tree Gully

It made so much more sense after talking to you about our new home that we are happy to attach our deposit for $300. We will get all the internal walls insulated with R2.5 Soundscreen to reduce noise, and will go with your advice of R2.5 for external walls, and R4.0 Bradford Gold Batts for the ceilings.

-- Bill & Sally (Aug 2011)

Daniel from Happy Valley

Thanks for the job at Reynella. The boys did a great job, and I can hear the difference already with the Rockwool batts on the internal walls. Cant wait for the builder to finish so we can move in!!

-- Daniel (Jun 2010)