Why us?

Cosywrap offers a solution based approach to solving your problems. 

Our trained sales staff and qualified installation teams are specialists in creating solutions for the residential , commercial, and industrial market. Our main focus is on improving existing situations, so that homes, offices,etc are more energy efficient, quieter, and more comfortable.

Cosywrap Insulation has been actively helping South Australian families and businesses since 1970, meaning you will receive quality advice and personalized service. We pride ourselves on ensuring we find the correct solution to your problem, and advising you of the potential benefits of each option we can provide.

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Insulation (thermal, acoustic and commercial). >> See Insulation Solutions

Soundproofing (windows, between party walls, offices). >> See Sound Solutions

Double Glazing for existing windows (sound and themal solutions). >> See Double Glazing

Typical Insulation Product and Services offered by Cosywrap Insulation comprises of

  • Bradford gold batts for walls and ceilings
  • Vacuum removal of old insulation, dust, seaweed and sawdust by our industrial vacuum truck
  • Insulate existing brick veneer walls
  • Bradford Rockwool blown into ceilings
  • Cellulose blown into ceiling
  • Bradford Cavity Wall Rockwool for existing walls
  • Polyester batts or rolls 
  • Building blanket
  • Fibertex insulation for commercial/industrial usages
  • Pizza Oven insulation
  • Pipe Insulation

Typical Double Glazing for existing windows offered by Cosywrap comprises of

  • Soundproof sliding Aluminium windows
  • Magnetic secondary Acrylic windows
  • Double glazing of sliding doors by fitting a secondary sliding door

Cosywrap Insulation has been actively involved with Home Owners and Builders in creating acoustic as well as thermal solutions for many different types of homes. Cosywrap Insulation will provide comprehensive installation services for both new home as well as existing homes for every type of foils, batts and blankets. Alternatively, we will supply only products for you.