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Wall Insulation Adelaide

Wall Insulation Adelaide

Improve the energy efficiency in your home by installing the best wall insulation Adelaide. Cosywrap Insulation Solutions has offered South Australian’s solution-based approaches to their residential, commercial and industrial insulation problems for 45 years. Locally owned and operated by the Loose family, Cosywrap work to not only improve the comfort of your home or work space, but the cost of your energy bills.

With our skilled sales staff and qualified installation team, we can provide the best recommendations and resolutions to solve your insulation troubles. We tailor our services to each individual home or commercial space, meaning you will receive the utmost quality in product and advice.

We pride ourselves and our business on our dedication to working with you from quote to completion so you are left with an unforgettable customer service experience. Choose Cosywrap for your wall insulation Adelaide and make an enquiry with our friendly team today!

Cosywrap Internal and Wall Insulation Adelaide

Did you know our wall insulation Adelaide can be installed in both the internal and external wall cavities of your home? Improve your home’s energy efficiency and temperature control by making sure your walls are insulated both inside and out.


While most homes have ceiling insulation Adelaide and external wall insulation Adelaide, we find that internal wall insulation is quite rare, especially in older homes. Internal insulation not only works to increasing the efficiency of temperature control within your home, but improves the acoustics by reducing outdoor noises and sound between rooms.


Homes with cavity brick walls have a high thermal mass, therefore the regulation of temperature is difficult to control when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Our CSIRO and the Building Code of Australia approved Cavity Wall Rockwool is installed in and around the existing brick to protect your home from prolonged summer heat and drafty winters.

Reduce Your Energy Bill with Cosywrap

Our house insulation Adelaide works as a barrier around your home, protecting you from heat flow in the winter and summer months. Not only can wall insulation guarantee year-round comfort, but you can experience drastic cuts in your energy bills because you will reduce your reliance upon heating and cooling appliances.

At Cosywrap, we provide homeowners with a number of solutions to your insulation needs that are both cost effective and cost efficient. Regardless of whether your home is new or existing, our weather sealing solution, developed to reflect overseas standards and research, works to combine two important factors: direct energy savings and healthy indoor air quality.

It is estimated that Australian buildings leak air two to four times more than that of North American and European buildings, suggesting incredible energy saving potential in Australia. Save in money and efficiency and call Cosywrap for the best in wall insulation.

At Cosywrap, we are the experts in residential, commercial and industrial insulation. Our expert team are dedicated to providing unbiased, effective solutions paired with exceptional end to end customer service. So if you’re looking for a wall insulation Adelaide you can trust, contact Cosywrap today!