Sound proofing will generally require the existing ceiling area to be cleaned and old thermal insulation to be removed first. Sound will be significantly reduced with density of materials, so we have a combination of options to solve your problems.

We remove any old insulation and fit high density Soundscreen or Fibertex Rockwool insulation onto the ceiling. These products are between 3-8 times denser than standard insulation. However, this may not be sufficient by itself.

We will then lay Wavebar (a high-performance, flexible mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier) above the timber joists, as this create a far superior acoustic barrier. This process has been successfully used for many homes near the Adelaide airport to stop aircraft noise, or alongside busy roads to stop vehicle noise.

It is often a combination of products that are required to stop high and low frequency noise. It is best to talk to us about your problem and we will discuss potential options and try to give you some idea of costs, before coming to inspect the problem.

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