Most offices have suspended ceilings, with the wall stopping at the bottom of the ceiling. This leaves a large gap between the upper floor and the ceiling, allowing noise to transfer directly over the top of the wall. Many dividing walls are also insulated with sound proof insulation, allowing noise to pass directyl through the wall.

 A simple solution is for us to fit fit high density polyester batts above the ceiling tiles, and create a barrier from the upper floor to the top of the wall. We have a high-performance, flexible mass-loaded vinyl material called Wavebar that will be pinned to the upper floor and come down to the top of ceiling, effectively stopping noise.

We also fit Barrier Board to the walls for increased privacy, especially around medical rooms and boardrooms where confidentiallity is essential. Barrier board will result in the best solution for stopping noise between walls, but the ceiling will need to be considered as well.

If the walls are not insulated, we pump acoustic rockwool into the wall. In many offices, we are able to access the cavity from above the ceiling tiles, as most office partitions do not have horizontal noggins in the middle of frame. This means we will fill the entire cavity from above the tiles.

Doors will need acoustic door seals fitted, and it is important to consider if the Air Conditioning system requires an outlet through the door. That may still cause sound problems.

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