Why use Barrier Board?

Our Barrierboard (an Australian-made Patented plasterboard composite product) has been designed to maximise sound reduction between rooms and the outdoors. Barrierboard, together with our acoustic insulation, can improve a room’s acoustics by as much as 75%.

The unique polyester sandwiched within the product helps stop noise vibrating through the wall, but gives the greatest benefit when we fit resilient mounts and high density insulation onto the original wall first.

How is it installed?

Barrierboard can be easily installed as a direct fix onto the existing wall, or after we fit furring channels  so that acoustic insulation and resiliant mounts can be added between the primary and secondary walls. Wall depth loss would be either 32mm for direct fix, or 65mm if using resilient mounts and furring channels.

What are the benefits to me?

  • Barrier Board is a complete solution that has been independently tested to prove it stops noise!!
  • Your wall will be identical to the original wall, and as the final surface is plasterboard, it can be simply painted (by you or us) after the work is completed.
  • Music noise, loud noises, shouting, etc will be eliminated, or significantly reduced, allowing you to reclaim your peace!

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