How do i stop noise between levels?

Footsteps on hard upper floors will transmit straight through the floor joists and even concrete floors, creating on-going issues for the person below. It is necessary to isolate the levels to achieve the best results, but improvements can be made with lesser methods.

The best results are achieved by fitting fitting rubberized resilient mounts onto the lower joists, high density acoustic insulation, and then the final surface will be Barrierboard. This lower surface is a standard plasterboard finish, meaning that that your lower ceilings are identical to the original surface, and can be painted normally.

Another alternative is an  acoustic underlay such as Silentstep®. This is a new generation of acoustic carpet underlay, comprising a flexible mass-loaded barrier, fused onto a high density premium foam underlay. The combination of these two products allows Silentstep to reduce the transmission of footfall and impact-generated noise.

This product is ideal for: 

  • Multi-storey living areas constructed from lightweight materials with the intention to lay carpet
  • Marine vessels to stop engine noise travelling into staterooms, salons, VIP cabins etc.
  • Motor homes and luxury motor coaches
  • Transport industry; under automotive, firewalls, wheel arches, boot mats, and transmission tunnels

A third simple option to reduce conversation noise, and improve thermal efficiency is to insulate the space between levels with a sound proofing product such as Rockwool. If possible, we will  pump rockwool between levels. However, we need clear access between the joists so that we can run our hose in, and pump a minimum of disturbance.

Please ring us to discuss which is most suitable for your noise problem.

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