What are the benefits of insulating existing wall to me?

Our Bradford Cavity Wall Rockwool will make your home:

  • Warmer in winter
  • Cooler in summer
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Reduce noise from outside
  • Reduce noise between rooms when internal walls are insulated
  • Save you money

How do you get into the walls?

We will lift iron or tiles above the wall and then slide our special lay-flat hose down the cavity to the bottom of the wall. We pump the water-repellent cavity wall rockwool into the cavity, sliding our hose up as the wall fills. This makes sure we get a complete fill of the entire space.

Do the timbers block off the cavity on my brick veneer wall?

There is actually a gap all the way  down of approximately 50-60mmmm (2 inches) between the bricks and the timber studs. It is then another 90mm to the plasterboard, meaning we will install approximately 140-150mm of insulation, creating much higher thermal ratings than normal batts when new homes are built.

Un-insulated brick veneer walls do not stop any heat in summer or winter, and mean any heating or cooling is rapidly lost, costing you a lot of money in energy bills!! Our cavity wall rockwool will also reduce noise coming through the walls.

Why would I insulate my double brick home?

Double brick has solid mass, which stops heat initially. However, in summer, after 2-3 warm days, the internal brick has heated up and will remain hot, even after a cool change.

In winter, the bricks remain cold and will draw your heating out. In fact, if you put your hand on the inside layer of a double brick wall, you will feel how cold it remains at all times.

Our insulation creates a complete barrier between the external wall and internal brick, meaning that your home is not affected by the outside temperature. This will keep your home at an even temperature, and prevent energy being wasted on brickwork that draws your heating and cooling out of the home.

In fact, if you build a new solid brick home/extension now, the exernal double brick walls must be insulated in order to achieve council approval for 6 star ratings (the minumum requirement).

Can you insulate my clad home?

Yes, we have successfully insulated many clad homes. It is done slightly differently, as we drill small holes in the plasterboard and pump the rockwool in from inside the home. We then flush the holes, leaving it ready for painting. Sometimes, it is possible to drill through the outside cladding but there can be problems fixing the holes. However, we can assess that for you when we inspect the home.

Can you insulate between rooms for noise proofing?

Yes, we insulate a lot of walls between bedrooms, around toilets, and between the lounge and a study/bedroom. The process is the same as for a clad home, as detailed above.

Shift workers appreciate the opportunity to improve sleep, while no-one enjoys listening to snoring in the next bedroom. Nothing will stop a teenager's music totally, but we will reduce the noise levels for everyone else!!

How much difference will insulating my existing walls make?

The insulation will halve the energy loss/gain through the walls, saving significant money off power bills. This will make 5-8 degrees difference to you. We have seen existing double brick or veneer homes improve their star rating by 1.5-2.0 stars, simply by insulating the walls!! It is the quickest and simplest improvement that can be made to many homes.

How much will insulating my walls save me in energy costs?

As a general rule, wall insulation will reduce your energy usage by 25-35%, which means it will pay for itself within a few years (as well as making your home much more comfortable!!).

Can I put additional cabling/wiring into my walls after you have insulated them?

Yes, the rockwool is soft, so that the air is trapped and prevents heat movement. This means you can simply slide a piece of conduit down the wall with a wire in it, and pull new cabling, or wiring through it wherever you need it.

How do you decide on the best solution for my home?

We come to your home and do your free assessment and decide on how we can make your home the most thermally efficient it can be. We lift up the tiles/iron to inspect the cavity and determine what R-Rating will be achieved. This allows us to determine a cost, and we can advise you of the benefits you will receive.

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