We have many options for stopping noise from entering your building. To successfully soundproof a wall or ceiling, you need to add significant density and ensure all gaps are sealed.

It is best if we create an isolating barrier between the 2 surfaces, to prevent sound passing through the currrent wall/ceiling. If you have large windows that are not double glazed specifically for noise (this requires an 80-100mm air gap to be most effective), please look at our double glazing for existing windows.

Please click through to select the best solution for your problem, although it is generally worthwhile to look at several of the options to best solve your problem. 

Soundproofing common or party walls in townhouses, units, hotels, offices, homes and between levels

  • Insulate existing internal walls to stop noise
  • Stopping outside noise coming through the ceiling.
  • Soundproof between floor levels
  • Insulate Existing Walls
  • Stop office noise between offices
  • Absorb noise within restaurants, cafes and meeting rooms
  • Reduce Noise Levels through windows


Other options

Soundproofing often requires a unique situation and we have experience is solving many different problems. We inspect doors, vents,downlights, windows, etc to determine all potential sources of noise. Sound travels like water, ie it finds the weakest point and will enter wherever there is an air gap. We need to seal these entry points to be able to help reduce noise problems. 

Our trained personnel will discuss your problem and help you find the best solution for you. We will try to find the most cost effective solution for you, but there are very few cheap options that work well. However, an investment in quality soundproofing has stopped many people selling their home and un-necssarily paying $30-60,000 in stamp duty and commissions to move homes.

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