Why does old insulation need to be removed?

Insulation installed 20 or more years ago was far thinner and less effective than current insulation standards. Most older insulation is 50-75mm thick (being approximately R1.5 rating), whereas we now install 180-220mm thick insulation (R3.5-R4.1 ratings). This is far more effective and will save you money. Old insulation has generally been moved by other tradespeople over the years, and gets damaged, has missing areas, or is very un-even

What forms of insulation can Cosywrap remove?

We remove all forms of old insulation and rubbish from roofs. We vacuum out all loose forms such as old cellulose, sawdust, seaweed, recycled newspaper, etc. We remove old batts, foil and degraded foam. Our truck mounted vacuum machine cleans out all the dust, rat droppings, etc, making healthier dust-free environment for all homes and offices.

 Why not lay new batts on top of old insulation?

If we try to fit new thick batts on top of old insulation, the new batts cannot be installed correctly, without gaps. There will be un-even insulation everywhere, meaning the new batts will allow leakage, and you will not get the benefits of the new insulation.

If you prefer to use blow-in insulation, it is possible to pump insulation over the existing batts (see Topping up Existing Insulation).

How do we remove old insulation?

We will lift up iron or tiles and access the ceiling space from outside. This ensures there is no dirt or dust inside, and many clients are not even home when we do our work.

If there are old batts, we bag and remove them first, ready for dumping. Our truck-mounted vacuum pump sucks out all the old insulation, dirt, dust and leaves, leaving the ceiling clean and ready for new batts.

We will fit the new thick insulation at the same time, meaning your home will instantly receive be more comfortable, saving you money

Features and Benefits

  • Clean ceilings, meaning no lead dust, dirt or rubbish can seep into the home through vents, downlights, etc
  • Correctly fitted new insulation
  • Clean work environment for other trades, saving you money on electrical and plumbing work
  • You can choose the best available insulation product for your home
  • Higher density and thickness for outstanding thermal performance
  • Maximum savings on heating and cooling energy costs
  • Low allergen
  • Environmentally sound – made from up to 80% recycled content
  • Guaranteed for the life of your home
  • Non-combustible

Our brochure demonstrates how we vacuum remove old insulation Vacuum Removal of old Insulation.pdf

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