How do I know what R-Rating (measure of thermal resistance) I need for my new home?

This will be specified by your energy rater when they design the home, and these details are needed to lodge your building application with your council for approval. The requirements will vary for each home and location, so it is important to have that information ready when you contact Cosywrap for options.

Should I insulate my internal walls to stop noise between rooms?

We believe it is very important to use a high density acoustic product for stopping noise between a bathroom and bedroom, toilet to lounge, between bedrooms, etc. We recommend looking at your plans and determining which areas will be noisy, and potentially disturb a quiet area. This determines your priorities for internal walls for stopping noise. It is possible to insulate them afterwards, but much more costly, and will disrupt your living.

What is the highest rating batt that I can fit into my external walls?

We have a range of high density products that are up to 90mm thick, and achieve an R2.5 or R2.7 rating for standard walls. Most walls will require an R2.0 rating, but often it will be beneficial to use the higher ratings, especially with increased power bills.

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