To successfully soundproof your existing windows you need to have a sufficient gap between your primary window and the edge of your internal window reveal.

Ideally this gap is 100mm. This will allow an acoustic secondary window, either our SoundBlock® Acrylic Magnetic or SoundBlock® Aluminium windows, to be installed to effectively provide an overall sound reduction on 40-43db.

Why do I need to fit a secondary window, instead of new double glazed windows?

Effective noise reduction will be acheived by creating a window system that has minimal air infiltration, an 80-100mm airgap, an acoustic/thermal break between 2 frames, and enough density/weight to stop noise.

Vibrations (which are a form of sound energy) will travel through the frame of double glazed window units, meaning noise is coming through the window. Fitting a secondary window will isolate the orginal window, assisting noise reduction.

Standard double glazed windows do not allow an 80-100mm air gap between 2 sheets of glass (typically only10-15mm airgap). This is too narrow an airgap to reduce noise transfer (although it is fine for thermal benefits). A secondary window can be fitted in the best postion to maximise the benefit of the airgap.

We use laminated 6.38mm, or 10.28mm glass, or 10mm Acrylic, to give density and weight. Original windows are normally only 3mm glass.

How is it fitted?

We thoroughly inspect the original windows, and carefully measure the space available, as most older window openings are not square We normally fit the window inside the window reveals, after allowing the best airgap. Alternatively, they can be mounted onto the wall, completely sealing your original window.

Our tradespeople ensure that we fit all windows correctly, including moving any blinds and re-installing them for you afterwards.

Which is the best option for my windows, a Magnetic window system, or the Glass sliding window system?

Both options will help stop noise and make your windows much more efficient. The Acoustic Aluminium window is easier to open and close on a daily basis, and has more color options. The Magnetic windows are cheaper, and will stop noise effectively.

Benefits of the SoundBlock® Aluminium Window System

The SoundBlock® Aluminium Window System is a double glazing system to reduce noise transmission and improve energy efficiency through existing windows by up to 70%. It is simple to use, and is not visible from outside.

Other features are:

  • Custom designed to suit all existing applications
  • Acoustically tested as a secondary glazing unit with 100mm air space using 6.38mm laminated glass. The Rw rating is approximately 41dB.
  • Available to take up to 10mm safety glass
  • Specialized acoustic seals on all moving parts
  • Powder coated aluminium
  • Easy access for air flow and cleaning
  • Suited for homes, units, offices, hospitals and other buildings
  • Easy to install
  • Conditional 7 year warranty

Benefits of the Soundblock® Magnetic Window System

The Soundblock® Magnetic Window System will isolate the original window from your new secondary window, preventing noise transmission by vibration. The thin profile of the magnetic window will maximise the airgap created for soundproofing, and improved thermal efficency.

These windows can be made to slide to one side, allowing easy access to the original window for air flow, etc.

The Soundblock® Magnetic Window System has been tested by a NATA registered laboratory. The laboratory testing has confirmed that when an existing window is equipped with the appropriate Soundblock® configuration, its sound attenuation performance will be dramatically improved, and you will hear a sginficant difference.

The Magnetic window will create an excellent thermal break, allowing you full thermal benefits without paying for expensive new double glazed windows.

Full test results are available on request.

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