Cosywrap commercial products include insulation for roofs and walls, High Volume Air Conditioning (HVAC) exterior/interior ducts, fire protection, and pipes; and industrial ventilation.

If your application is not listed here and you seek more information about the suitability of our products for your application, call Cosywrap today.

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Roofing Blanket
Bradford offers a range of roofing blankets to meet your project requirements. Bradford blanket insulation is suitable as thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and condensation control for roofing applications. They may also be used for other thermal applications such as wall or underslab insulation.
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Acoustic Insulation
Bradford offers a range of glasswool and rockwool acoustic insulation products to meet your project requirements.
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Enviroduct rigid insulation boards
Bradford offers a range of glasswool and rockwool products for the internal and external insulation of HVAC ducting. These products are available either plain or with a range of facings to meet specific project requirements.
Sisalation, enviroseal or sarking
Bradford offers a range of products designed to meet your commercial roof sarking requirements. These products are manufactured from reflective aluminium foil with anti-glare coating on one side.
                        Pipe Insulation
 Bradford offers a range of glasswool and rockwool pipe insulation suitable for the external insulation of pipework. Bradford has solutions suitable for chilled water to high temperatature applications up to 650oC.
Fire Protection Bradford offers a range of rockwool fire protection insulation products specifically designed to meet the BCA fire requirements in commercial buildings.
Industrial Ventilation A well designed building ventilation system will contribute to improved productivity and a safer work environment. It can also help reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.
Edmonds offer a wide range of natural, wind driven and powered hybrid vent solutions.

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