The Airomatic vent is a low profile motorized vent that will remove hot air and moisture from the roof space. It is thermostatically controlled, and commences pumping hot air out at 32 degrees Celcius, based on roof temperatures. It will remove hot air day or night, in windy conditions or calm weather, and is almost silent.

The AiroMatic is the first of Edmonds range of ventilators developed using advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software, as used in the aerospace industry. This software has allowed Edmonds to produce a ventilator with a higher flow rate and efficiency than other ventilators while reducing its overall noise level and physical size. This vent will increase the speed of the fan as the roof temperature increases, making your home cooler much more quickly.


Removal of heat trapped in the roof cavity of a home in summer

Removal of moisture trapped in the roof cavity of a home in winter.

Features and Benefits

Effective ventilation in all climates

Low running costs

High flow rates up to 650 m3/h (high speed setting)

Quiet operation

Adds light to attics

Sleek design compliments all roof types

Manufactured from tough, injection moulded UV stable polymers, designed for Australia’s harsh conditions

Automatic temperature sensor control with manual flow rate settings for condensation control

Inverter technology

24VDC high efficiency electronic commutating German motor Operating noise levels as low as 33dB(A) (low speed setting)

Malleable flashing will to suit all roof types.

Our brochure is available for you to download for more details      Airomatic powered vent.pdf

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Throat diameter: 250mm

Motor: 30W, 24VDC

Line voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz

Colours: Night Sky, Woodland Grey, Headland and Surfmist

Warranty – 5 Year

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