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Insulation Installation Adelaide

The Benefits of Insulation

If you’ve been considering insulation installation Adelaide, there are a number of benefits insulation can offer. One of the most important things insulation can afford is improving the energy efficiency of your home. Unfortunately, many older homes do not have insulation in the wall cavities, which can consequently lead to significantly higher energy bills as you struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature inside of your home. So, rather than increasing the number of heaters or coolers in a house, and thus increasing your electricity bill, many opt for improving their house insulation Adelaide instead. As well as the environmental benefits insulation reaps, it also improves the acoustics of your home. Consequently, this reduces annoying sounds from outdoors and stops carrying sound throughout the house. In addition, insulation can also help with moisture control by raising the surface temperature. For more information about our insulation installation Adelaide call (08) 8490 8747

Finding the Right Insulation

Prior to seeking insulation installation Adelaide, it is important to consider what type of insulation is best suited to your home. There are two different types of insulation; batts or blow-in. Batt is a type of bulk insulation designed to comfortably fit without leaving gaps. Batts are easy to move, easy to work around, won’t move around, are guaranteed for the life of the building, and can be fitted close to all downlight covers. They generally also have a higher R rating. Blow in-insulation ensures that there are no gaps, can be pumped over existing material, and is considered to be relatively cheap as it does not consider removing or replacing old insulation. Blow-in insulation can be pumped into raked and flat roofs with little disturbance. If you’re seeking insulation installation Adelaide but aren’t sure about what insulation is best for you, talk to us on (08) 8490 8747!

About Our Insulation Installation Adelaide

If you’re seeking insulation installation Adelaide, but don’t know what kind of insulation we recommend speaking to a professional. Insulation installers should discuss the different alternatives, so that you can determine the best type of insulation you need for your home. We recommend asking the salesperson to show you what is the benefit in your roof space, and what alternatives their company can offer. If the company only offer one type of product, then they will generally tell you that it is the best solution as they don’t have any alternative. Here at Cosywrap, we believe that informing our customers to make informed decisions about their insulation is crucial. This is why we offer a solution based approach to solving your problem, regardless of how big or small the job is. So, if you’re considering insulation installation Adelaide, but don’t know where to start call the friendly team at Cosywrap.

Cosywrap specialise in insulation installation Adelaide – with over 45 years of experience servicing South Australian home owners, who better to trust? We offer personalised advice and the utmost quality products. Call (08) 8490 8747 today!