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Rather Than Earthwool Batts Try Bradford Black Batts

Knauf Insulation Earthwool Batts and Bradford Black Batts are commonly used for insulation in Australia. But which one is right for you? Well, we at Cosywrap always recommend Bradford Batts because they are not just better but also more environmentally friendly.

Homes require insulation to help create comfortable indoor spaces so you can relax. More importantly, reducing energy waste is a vital advantage of insulation that we all benefit from collectively. The added improved acoustic quality created due to the use of Bradford Black Batts takes your indoor comfort one step further.

Knauf’s Insulation Earthwool Batts are quite popular because they have everything one needs from insulation. However, our experts have closely experimented and studied both. They came to the conclusion that Bradford Black Batts are considerably better and should be the first choice of all Australians.

Why Bradford Black Batts Over Earthwool Batts?

Both Knauf Insulation Earthwool Batts and Bradford Black Batts are made from glass wool which is made from 80% recycled glass material. This glass wool must be bound together to make the insulation product. However, in the case of Earthwool Batts, which are made in Germany, the glass wool is bound together with a plant-based binding agent. This makes them less environment friendly, contrary to popular belief.

When it comes to Bradford Black Batts, they do not use a plant-based or fibre-based binding material. As a result, it makes them more environmentally friendly. More importantly, Bradford black batts are locally made. They fulfil all Australian standards are made specifically for the environment and conditions of Australia.

According to our professional experts, Bradford Black Batts not only provide better insulation and soundproofing but are also better products in comparison to Knauf Insulation Earthwool Batts.

Why Cosywrap’s Bradford Black Batt Recommendation Rather Than Earthwool?

If you have made the decision to choose Bradford black batts over Knauf Earthwool Batts, Cosywrap is at your disposal with our premium services. Several decades of experience have equipped us with the expertise and skill to provide the most premium insulation solution to our clients.

We are an officially licensed company operating a team of professionally trained individuals holding qualifications to install insulation in accordance with Australian standards. Our recommendations for Bradford Black Batts instead of Knauf Insulation Earthwool batts are backed by years of practical experience and knowledge. Thousands of satisfied clients further back our claims as they have enabled us to earn the title of the most reliable insulation expert in South Australia.

We know what’s best for you because we have worked closely in the local area for years in the end. As a result, our familiarity with the environmental conditions and weather patterns has helped us come to highly informed conclusions. More importantly, we appreciate Bradford’s commitment to the environment as all the water used in the manufacturing process is recycled.

Have you decided to go for Bradford instead of Knauf Insulation Earthwool Batts? Call the Cosywrap team today! Call the friendly team at Cosywrap today on (08) 8490 8747and find out how we can help!