General Questions

What is the recommended insulation for Adelaide?

Can you do free quotes in my home?

Do I have a choice of products e.g. blow in or batts?

What is an R-Rating?

Do your products meet Australian Standards?

What is the guarantee on your products?

Wall Insulation

Can you insulate existing walls?

How do you insulate external double brick wall or a brick veneer wall?

How do you insulate clad homes, or internal walls?

What products can be used for existing walls?

I have heard the cavity is necessary for preventing moisture coming into the walls. Will that be a problem if I insulate the walls?

Blow-in Insulation

How effective is pumped in Rockwool is a cavity wall?

When is it best to use blow in ceiling insulation?

Are there different types of blow-in ceiling insulation?

How do you pump insulation in to a ceiling space?

Removal of old Insulation

Do you recommend cleaning the ceiling out before installing new insulation?

How do you clean out ceilings?

What materials can you suck out with your machine?

Will there be any dust inside the home?


What happens if I lay batts on top of the old batts or loose insulation?

Does it matter if there are some gaps left when fitting batts?

Do you have to take the whole roof off to put insulation in?

How long will it take to insulate my home?

Do I need to be home?

Double Glazing Existing Windows

Can you double glaze my windows without removing the old windows?

Do your windows stop noise?

Can I still clean the inside glass of my original window?

Miscellaneous Questions

How can I pay Cosywrap?

Do you recommend insulating the garage?

Do you need to insulate the eaves?

Can you install Downlight Covers?

Does Cosywrap have a Builders license?

Does Cosywrap have Public liability Insurance?

How experienced is Cosywrap Insulation Services?

Will insulation cause allergies?

Steel Framed homes for Batts or Blow-in???

Which is the best product for the ceiling of a home with steel framing in the roof?