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For the last 45 years, Cosywrap Insulation has been successfully solving thermal and acoustic needs of home-owners, builders and landlords. Below are some of the solutions we offer:

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Our insulation products and services are ideal for existing homes and new homes. We have solutions for nearly every situation so that your home will be comfortable in summer and winter. Your energy bills will reduce significantly, and you will save money with our services and products. Explore our site for your ideal solution.

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We have solutions for nearly every thermal, acoustic, ventilation and industrial requirement. We treat each customer as an individual, as every situation is slightly different and needs to be understood. This allows the customer to get value for money, with a choice of options generally available.

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What is the best method to do the work required for your problem? Our range of equipment, knowledgeable, qualified staff will ensure we can correctly assess your situation, and have the appropriate methods to solve your problem. We can supply everything from high temperature industrial insulation through to polyester insulation for schools and office buildings through to ventilation for removing heat and moisture from roof spaces.

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Latest News

Poorly building quality of Australian homes leads to higher death rate from cold than in Sweden!!

Poorly building quality of Australian homes leads to higher death rate from cold than in Sweden!!

An international study, funded by the UK Medical Research Council, analysed increases in death rates due to variations in temperature across 13 countries over a 27 year period.  The study’s findings were published in July 2015 the Australian Medical journal “The Lancet”. The study included Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan,...

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Two recent surveys by CSR have provoked some very strong feedback on the building performance of Australian homes and how much home buyers would like to improve the ‘health’ and efficiency of a new home.

A 2014 CSR survey on the comfort level of Australian homes was conducted with more than 120 former North American and European residents now living in Australia – and the results weren’t pretty to read.

Remarkably, even though most survey respondents were comparing...

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Alice Springs Solar Review

Alice Springs Solar Review demonstrates simple energy efficiency tips for homes. The report shows the benefits of painting roofs white, replacing high energy downlights, and many more interesting details:

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Insulation 'still best to cut bills'

David Green, the new head of the Clean Energy Council, comments on the need for Australia to continue to insulate existing walls and double glaze our existing windows. See the attachedarticle 


The Australian July 25, 2012 12:00AM

The new head of the Clean Energy Council David Green said "big savings" were possible and Australians should not be scared off by the pink batts debacle from pursuing energy efficiency.

Mr Green, who has arrived in Australia from...

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Solar insights – Australia big in small solar

Where does Australia fit in solar schemes compared to other countries?

Germany may set most of the records for the amount of solar PV installed – 27GW and growing quickly – but it seems that Australia can claim a record of its own – it’s really big in small solar.

According to data drawn to our attention by Warwick Johnston of Sunwiz Consulting, Australia installed more small-scale solar than Germany in calendar 2011 – 795MW of rooftop systems of 10kW or less...

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Our Solutions

How can Cosywrap soundproof my existing walls and ceilings?

The benefits of sound and thermal insulation.

Which is better?

Insulate Existing Walls

How do I improve my existing insulation?

Clean ceilings are neccessary to fit new thick batts.

Insulate Existing Walls

How can Cosywrap soundproof my existing walls and ceilings?

Airborne noise can roll in through the ceiling, causing major discomfort for many people if not resolved as below.

Music at midnight? Chairs on hard floors? TV from another bedroom?

How do I soundproof my existing windows without replacing them?

Why Choose Us

Cosywrap offers a solution based approach to solving your problems. 

Our trained sales staff and qualified installation teams are specialists in creating solutions for the residential , commercial, and industrial market. Our main focus is on improving existing situations, so that homes, offices,etc are more energy efficient, quieter, and more comfortable.

Cosywrap Insulation has been actively helping South Australian families and businesses since 1970, meaning you will receive quality...

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